Retention calculator

In the era of the need to adapt to climate change and green transformation, cities and municipalities are looking for opportunities to promote  retention solutions.


Promoting these solutions is aimed at a number of benefits for the city or commune, including, for example:

• increasing resilience to climate change,

• promoting ecological attitudes among the inhabitants

• avoiding flooding and preventing drought,

• reduction of tap water consumption,

• promoting water management in a closed circuit,

• reducing the outflow of rainwater to receivers, lowering fees for the discharge of this water.


Looking for innovative tools that stimulate the widespread use of these solutions and respond to the difficulty of easily estimating the retention volume, the needs of rainwater use, we propose to create a home retention calculator.


This  tool is  available for:

  • residents
  • developers
  • investors
  • architects and designers
  • officials,

 and will help in the optimal selection of retention tanks, taking into account the surface of the roof and the surface to be watered, as well as other purposes for the use of rainwater. The strength of the application is that it is based on real, local rainfall data from the Polish Atlas of Rain Intensity PANDa. Thanks to the application, the user (for example, a resident) has the ability to determine the optimal volume of the tank, at which the amount of water collected from rain will cover the needs, without unnecessary overinvestment.


Key application functionalities:

  • Delivered in the form of on-line applications as SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, 
  • Connected to the domain indicated by the Client,
  • Allowing you to download selection results in pdf form,
  • Allowing the location of the investment as in “google maps”, limited to the area of ​​the Client,
  • Available 24/7, based on the “3-step selection” principle, with easy and intuitive operation.
  • Statistics of the annual volume of rainwater intercepted and the percentage coverage of water demand on the analyzed property


By installing such a tool, the city or commune gains a tool for analyzing the development of green and blue infrastructure throughout the city / commune and the amount of rainwater intercepted. The sale of the application can be combined with the publication of a catalog of good pro-retention practices.



Application benefits:

  • Excellent support for backyard retention programs and green and blue infrastructure
  • Reliability – selection of the tank volume based on real rainfall intensity
  • Precise determination of the area “on line” on the basis of the map
  • Time saving – fast, simple and intuitive selection process
  • Availability from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone), 24/7
  • An application created by experts using the latest knowledge of technology
  • Availability of all data  in one place



By purchasing our app you support developing countries! Order the application and help your residents collect rainwater, and together we will help provide access to drinking water for people living in developing countries! We donate 5% of the proceeds from each sold application to the Studnia Nadziei Foundation: