Ready for a new quality in design?

We work with leading producers to create a unique WaterFolder.com platform that is already used by over 7000 designers. There you will find calculators for calculating retention, infiltration, green roofs, operating costs, pumps and pumping stations, flow regulators, pre-treatment, pipes and linear drainage. Almost every month, the platform is enriched with new tools.

We invite producers to cooperate, and  designers and operators of water and sewage systems and rainwater to use.

Today, a large part of the activity in our applications is carried out from the level of mobile devices, and beyond the usual, typical working hours. The freedom and flexibility of operation provided by “Software as a Service” service applications inspire us, especially in the times of remote work. We see digitization as an opportunity for modern and rational management of water, sewage and rain systems. Thanks to financing from NCBiR, we are developing the WaterFolder platform into a new WaterFolder Connect platform. It is an innovative project , which will enable the design and modeling of rainwater drainage and retention systems as well as the selection of devices, online, 24/7.

Join the WaterFolder platform, which offers in one place tools useful in the process of designing solutions for the water and sewage industry. Choose retention reservoirs, drainage systems, linear drainage, tubular reservoirs … Use the intensity of reliable rainfall according to the PAND model in your selections. Check and learn more at www.waterfolder.com.



Designing has never been so easy!