Education and health service

Investments in public sector such as development of new hospitals, schools or education centres creates the need for rational rainwater management on large concrete areas.

Modern development industry is more willing to choose pro-ecological and economical solutions that aim at introducing appropriate means for sustainable development having in mind natural environment and reasonable resource management, for example, building retention basins next to a hospital complex.

Using underground retention basins enables retaining rainwater and meltwater for further use such as flushing toilets in nearby facilities. Pretreated rainwater can also be used as potable water in case of any problems with urban waterworks.


We offer the following services for this sector:

  • Rainwater management concepts
  • Dimensioning of storage reservoirs
  • Creating GIS databases
  • Map vectorisation
  • Audits, evaluations and expert opinions


This sector includes:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals