Industrial areas, such as special economic areas, logistics centres, shipyards and container terminals, have a very large catchment which needs to be drained. It is extremely important to design and install adequate and effective rainwater and meltwater drainage and management systems, offering an opportunity to use precipitation water for industrial and household purposes.


Stored precipitation water can satisfy the needs of an entire industrial plant without having to use nearby water sources. In addition, the use of intelligent systems leads to precipitation water being used more frequently in fire fighting systems and production processes when municipal water is not required.


We offer comprehensive consulting services and implementation of solutions for rational management of rainwater and meltwater on industrial areas, including:

  • Rainwater management concepts
  • Preparing application documents for funding
  • Dimensioning of storage reservoirs
  • Processing of data from monitoring systems (RainBrain redirection)
  • Audits, evaluations and expert opinions


This sector includes the following:

  • Economic areas
  • Logistics centres
  • Shipyards
  • Terminal containers
  • Factories
  • Mines