Property developers

In this day and age, it has become necessary to use rainwater management systems on densely developed areas.

Water stored in the area of an investment can be a nuisance, not only for aesthetic reasons, but it also creates the risk of foundations eroding as a result of being exposed to water penetrating the soil. When exposed to water, foundations tend to crack and deform. Under the foundations, soil weakened by water may cause a building to subside. Therefore, it is necessary to employ solutions for rational, environment-friendly and legally compliant collection and storage of rainwater in areas designed for building residential districts and single-family houses.


We offer services that will allow you to rationally manage rainwater and meltwater:

  • dimensioning of storage reservoirs
  • preparing rainwater management concepts
  • assessments and expert opinions on rainwater systems
  • economic analyses of local rainwater management
  • measurement campaigns


This sector includes the following:

  • Property developers