Retail chains

When shopping centres are built, more attention is devoted not only to customer facilities, but also to using modern, environment-friendly solutions, which is slowly becoming an industry standard.


Using these modern solutions is becoming increasingly important in the context of the ongoing climate changes. Therefore, it is reasonable to collect rainwater from the area of shopping centres so that it can be reused for maintenance and household purposes (watering green areas and flushing toilets).


We offer assistance in selecting and implementing environment-friendly solutions for collecting and using rainwater in the area of large shopping centres. We will be happy to present new technological opportunities that allow you to achieve the desired effects and meet the requirements of the new Water Law, leading to both environmental and economic benefits.


We offer the following services for this sector:

  • Rainwater management concepts
  • Dimensioning of storage reservoirs
  •  Audits, evaluations and expert opinions


This sector includes the following:

  • Shopping centres
  • Retail chains