Road and Greenery Management Authorities

The new Water Law requires road managers to pay fees for the loss of retention, mainly in urban areas. However, such costs can be avoided. An exemption from the fee can be applied when rainwater is stored and reused. We provide consulting services in this area and offer our tools for calculating the amount of fees.


We offer the following services for this sector:

  • Rainwater management concepts
  • Modelling (hydrological and hydrodynamic)
  • PANDa rainfall models
  • +2050 rainfall models (accounting for climate change)
  • Functional and Utility Programmes
  • Dimensioning of storage reservoirs
  • Inventory taking of network assets
  • Creating GIS databases
  • Map vectorisation
  • Spatial analyses
  • Processing of data from monitoring systems (RainBrain redirection)
  • Preparing application documents for funding
  • Fee proposals for rainwater and meltwater
  • Audits, evaluations and expert opinions


This sector includes the following:

  • Road and Greenery Management Authorities