Water supply

Waster supply companies are experiencing more and more problems associated with rainwater and meltwater in connection with the new Water Law, a tightening of regulations and environmental parameterisation.


Such companies have specialist equipment and the personnel who can move around rainwater facilities. Their activity was previously limited mainly due to the lack of funding and maintenance of rainwater and meltwater systems as well as the fee for water and effluent (prohibition of cross-subsidisation). As a result of the new definition of rainwater and meltwater, which, in accordance with the respective European directive, will be treated as a drinking water resource and water from precipitation, the water drainage and maintenance of the rainwater system become additional services which are to be remunerated adequately to the benefits received by owners.


  • Rainwater management concepts
  • Modelling (hydrological and hydrodynamic)
  • PANDa rainfall models
  • +2050 rainfall models (accounting for climate change)
  • Functional and Utility Programmes
  • Dimensioning of storage reservoirs
  • Inventory taking of network assets
  • Creating GIS databases
  • Map vectorisation
  • Spatial analyses
  • Processing of data from monitoring systems (RainBrain redirection)
  • Preparing application documents for funding
  • Fee proposals for rainwater and meltwater
  • Audits, evaluations and expert opinions

This sector includes the following:

  • Water supply and sewage companies
  • Water supply and sewage service providers