Ewa Wojciechowska, Associate Professor

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A graduate from Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Gdansk University of Technology. In 2002 she was awarded a doctoral degree at the Faculty and in 2013 a doctor habilitatus degree at Environmental Engineering Faculty of Lublin University of Technology. Presently she works as an associate professor at Gdansk University of Technology at Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Department of Sanitary Engineering.

PhD. Eng. Ewa Wojciechowska GUT associate professor is the author and coauthor of almost 100 scientific publications including 13 JCR articles and 5 monographies (including one published in English) and 11 chapters of other monographies. She took part in the execution of 4 state-financed research projects and 6 internationally-financed research projects.

She has received several awards from the President of GUT for her scientific, didactic and organisational work and a distinction in Mistrz Techniki (2011/12) competition and The Medal of the Commission of National Education (2016). Her scientific interests include hydrophyte water treatment, sustainable rainwater management and the distribution of impurities in watercourses and retention basins located on urbanised catchment areas.