Jacek Zalewski

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Proxy and Director of the Project Implementation Department


He is also responsible for our foreign development, although he invariably considers the “Catalogue of green and blue infrastructure for Bydgoszcz” to be one of his most important projects, which initiated the broad promotion of the idea of ​​”a city – sponge” in Poland.


He works with engineers, planners, lawyers, financiers and naturalists, preferably in multi-industry and international projects. Then naturalists usually see him as an engineer, and engineers as a naturalist. The media like him, and he likes educating, so if you just search, you will surely find a lot of his recordings and presentations online. He also runs a blog and is a member of the board of the Buissnes for Climate Foundation.


With the eyes of his imagination, he sees cities resistant to climate change, and so far he has passed on to four children his passion for “water” sports: sailing, kayaking or… skiing.