Marian Kwietniewski

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Marian Kwietniewski is a professor at the Warsaw University of Technology. He is the head of the Water Supply and Sewage Departament at the Building Installations, Hydrotechnics and Environmental Engineering department. He is also vice chairman of the Expert Council at MPWiK in Warsaw.

He is the chairman of the “Sanitary Engineering” Section in the Committee of Civil and Water Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the vice-chairman of this committee. He is also a member of many scientific and technical organizations, including amoung others International Water Assocation, PZiTS. He is strongly involved in organizing conferences and trainings for employees of water supply companies, at the same time acting as chairman or member of scientific committees of many conferences. He is a member and appraiser of PZiTS, as well as an appraiser, M Ś, ZNiL.

As part of his scientific and engineering activities, he deals with the assessment of failure, reliability and risk of water supply and sewage systems, assessment and selection of materials for construction and modernization of water supply and sewage networks, planning and implementation of monitoring systems for water distribution and sewage systems, development and implementation of systems GIS and Integrated Systems of Technical Infrastructure Management in water supply and sewage systems. It also conducts research on the impact of materials on water quality in water supply networks.

He is the author or co-author of over 160 published scientific papers and over 120 unpublished works (science-research and R & D projects in cooperation with “industry”, expert opinions, opinions, etc.). He has promoted 4 doctors and is the supervisor of three more.