Paweł Licznar

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Research and Development Director


Co-founder of Retencjapl. Creator of the PANDa authoritative rain intensity atlas. Originator of the WaterFolder platform and the Water Folder Connect project. (In the years 2016-2020, he was the scientific director of the project to develop and implement the Polish Rain Intensity Atlas (PANDa). Since 2021, he has been coordinating scientific work in the POIR.01.01.01-00-0119/21 project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development: WaterFolder Connect – integrated platform design and modeling of drainage systems.)


Professor and passionate lecturer. He obtained the title of professor of engineering and technical sciences in 2019. It is thanks to him that the substantive level of the Stormwater Poland conference always reaches such a high level, and hundreds of designers have the opportunity to train at WaterFolder DAY. An integrator of our industry and a top-class educator.


If “we know everything about rains”, it is thanks to Paweł. And since he still has plenty of ideas, our industry will certainly not rest on its laurels.

He still hopes that future generations (including his four children) will also get a lot of good things from us, and one of them will be the ability to better manage rainwater. Well, even with the use of artificial intelligence …