Tomasz Wilk

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A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Environmental Engineering department in the field of Water Engineering.

Currently, he works at Arcadis Polska as a Senior Specialist in Water Management and Chief Specialist in Numerical Modeling. During his career he gained experience in a wide range of numerical modeling projects, such as modeling groundwater flow in the Vistula valley, or calculation of transient filtration for the Żelazny Most tailings pond. He was also involved in the analysis of stability and filtration for damming constructions, canals and wharves.

In recent years, he mainly dealt with flow modeling in open channels for flood protection and investment feasibility assessment. During this time he was involved, inter alia, in the development of hydraulic models for S7 and S19 expressways. In addition, he developed numerical models for the Tri-City Gardens project, whose purpose was to create strategic documents defining the optimal development directions of the functional area in the municipalities of Brwinów, Podkowa Leśna and Milanówek.

The main project in which he was involved in the past year as the project manager was the implementation of the program and spatial concept of rainwater management in the Słupia river catchment. In addition to managing the project, he was also responsible for numerical models for rainwater collection systems in Słupsk, Ustka and neighboring municipalities.