M. Gajda: cooperation with Ukraine on water treatment is necessary

Cooperation between Poland, Ukraine and Belarus in the field of water protection is to be developed. All this to reduce the impact of pollution to the Baltic Sea.


Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of water protection began with the purification of the Bug, which as a border river is polluted in various places. During the panel on the achievements and perspectives of cross-border cooperation in the field of water management at the Pol-Eko System fair, the Ministry of Environment announced that it will include the Ukrainian side in activities related to the development of a new strategy for clearing the Wisła river as well as training in the protection of its basin.

– We must constantly limit the impact of the contaminants which, fortunately, has been successful over the years thanks to the control of the entire Wisła basin. International cooperation in the matter of water purity with Ukraine is taking a step forward, which will allow us to bring our European Union’s procedures closer to our neighbors – said the deputy minister of the environment, Mariusz Gajda.
As he explained, cross-border cooperation has an additional educational dimension. The example of Poland and the Wisła river, in which today you can bathe thanks to a series of activities, is to be an example for our Eastern neighbors to follow. The Ukrainians are also satisfied with the cooperation so far.