Analyzes of the rainwater drainage system and other drainage systems in the event of torrential rains on the premises of the production plant



Climate change is a challenge for the industry: either the threat is flooding and the inability to discharge water to the receiver, or difficulties in obtaining sufficient water for production purposes. What to do when almost 90% of the investment is a sealed area? Whether and how to retain and use rainwater? Can an industrial area be friendly? What threat is the factory prepared for? Is the production safe? Sometimes even a short break means huge losses: the sales market, customer trust




We examined the functioning of the rainwater drainage system and developed a concept of solutions to prevent flooding at the production plant in Swarzędz, taking into account climate change forecasts. We have prepared a mathematical model to obtain catchment runoff hydrographs necessary to design the storage reservoir by creating. simulations for different rain probabilities and durations. We also proposed a retention monitoring and control system in connection with weather forecasts and a flexible approach to staging the investment.




The retention was designed with intelligent control of its volume, depending on the weather forecast, optimizing investment costs thanks to this and mathematical modeling.