Audits, evaluations and expert opinions

We provide comprehensive expert opinions and technical evaluations on the subject of rainwater drainage. Based on our scientific and practical experience, we are able to deliver an authoritative evaluation of design solutions, proposed operation of water drainage systems and an economic analysis of the solutions to be adopted.


Our experienced experts and scientists will be happy to provide support in every aspect related to rainwater and meltwater, with particular emphasis on the guidelines of the new Water Law.


We perform rainwater audits concerning infrastructure control, maintenance and functioning.

In addition, an audit may involve:

  • verifying the adopted technologies and the use of technical capabilities of facilities (measurement campaigns)
  • quality of services provided by existing contractors and verifying the commissioned tasks (contractual obligations, reported data)
  • role of automation and its proper use
  • indicating new technical capabilities (selecting additional equipment and solutions)
  • potential savings from improved operation or replacement of equipment (e.g. energy, chemicals, workforce optimisation)
  • potential investment savings (e.g. optimised number of facilities)
  • recommendations and additional (laboratory and on-site) tests
  • evaluating the fulfilment of assumptions made in funding applications
  • modernising the system’s documentation and operation activities – role of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS), visualisation
  • proposing new engineering tools (hydrodynamic models, RainBrain)
  • verifying whether formal and functional documents are up-to-date (water law permits)
  • Operating Manuals, Start-up Manuals, monitoring of guarantee restrictions – Operating and Maintenance Manuals
  • identifying irregularities and their consequences, and assessing risks associated with omissions



  • reliability, professionalism and an independent expert’s opinion
  • guidelines for improving a selected area or solving a technological problem



  • Towns, cities and municipalities
  • Water supply
  • Road and Greenery Management Authorities
  • Industry
  • Retail chains
  • Design offices
  • Property developers
  • Contractors
  • Transport
  • Hotels and gastronomy
  • Education and health service
  • Roads and car parks