Fees concept for rainwater and meltwater

Following an amendment to the definition of rainwater in the new Water Law, the fees should follow the principle of the equivalence of services according to the Commercial Code. In connection with water management services, the fees will be paid for a new service – water drainage from property.

Previously, the tariffs were the same as for effluent according to the Tariff Ordinance. The existing fees will remain in force for now, but different rates are considered for rainwater and meltwater.


Social aspects to be taken into consideration:

  • date when the fee will be introduced
  • burden on customers (minimum area, industry, shopping centres)
  • appointment of an operator or institution to enforce the fees (municipality, Road and Greenery Management Authority).


Until detailed laws are passed in the form of Ordinances of the Council of Ministers, fee propositions may be prepared in different variants.

  • Economic analyses (savings) for property owners and private properties on account of the local management of rainwater (assuming the current or prospective amount of fees for rainwater and meltwater)
  • Possibility to determine the return of the costs of an investment where rainwater is managed (mainly for private investors)
  • Encouraging investors to disconnect from the rainwater drainage system, and instead using systems for local rainwater management
  • Improved functioning (reduction of hydraulic and qualitative loads of rainwater reservoirs)
  • The introduction of a fee for rainwater and meltwater is particularly beneficial to water and sewage companies because they have the funds to maintain and operate sewage systems, and build systems for pre-treating rainwater runoff that is guided to reservoirs.



  • Towns, cities and municipalities
  • Water supply