Rainwater and meltwater management strategy

It is a general long-term programme for dealing with rainwater and meltwater.

The strategy includes:

  • technical and system functioning assessment
  • proposing new engineering tools
  • proposing safety improvements (environmental areas)
  • investment priorities and investment financing
  • optimal organisation for the operator (organisational structure) or service
  • economic analysis for optimal operation
  • proposals for financing, maintenance and operation (fees and budget), social policy elements.


The strategy should focus on a vision of economic measures to cover the costs and secure functioning.



  • comprehensive development, from inventory taking to a finished project with management solutions for rainwater and meltwater
  • effective assistance in solving problems with rainwater storage and management.



  • Towns, cities and municipalities
  • Water supply
  • Road and Greenery Management Authorities
  • Industry
  • Retail chains
  • Design offices
  • Contractors
  • Transport
  • Hotels and gastronomy
  • Education and health service
  • Roads and car parks