Technical requirements – advising on the preparation of documentation

More intensive precipitation and rapid growth of cities and metropolises indicate the necessity to devise a new approach to technical requirements of dewatering hardened areas.

In order to limit flood caused by rainwater on urban areas or minimise its consequences we ask you to join us in our actions and benefit from their results.

Using German “KOSTRA” Atlas as an example and in cooperation with Institute of Meteorology and Water Management we have prepared Polish Atlas of Rainfall Intensity – PANDa, which is a modern basis for statistic analysis of design rainfall intensity using data collected for over 30 years (1986-2015) by 100 rain gauges all over Poland.

The values included in PANDa atlas are significantly different from the ones calculated using traditional methods. They also allow for a more reliable determination of input data for project calculations.

The stage of obtaining technical requirements is crucial for final solutions adopted in a project and the parameters of redevelopment of existing systems. Pipelines diameters and retention basins volumes should protect the system from too fast filling with water and additionally should give the investors a bonus in form of reducing charges for water services.

Should you choose to use our help, we offer consultancy services or calculation of precipitation volume in a designated place.


  • reliable input data for project calculations,
  • minimising the risk of flood and its consequences on urban areas.