Selection of regulators

Selecting flow regulators involves adjusting the operating point of equipment according to specific expectations and data received from a designer/contractor. Every piece of equipment is selected individually to the specified base parameters. Proper selection of equipment is necessary to avoid threats such as flood, backflow and sewage overflow. It also allows using pumps with lower operating parameters.


The following data is necessary to make a correct selection:

  • expected runoff from the regulator
  • permitted damming height of effluent over the regulator
  • diameter of the drain pipeline



  • A properly selected flow regulator helps avoid threats such as flood, backflow and sewage overflow.



  • Towns, cities and Municipalities
  • Water supply
  • Road and Greenery Management Authorities
  • Industry
  • Retail chains
  • Design offices
  • Property developers
  • Contractors
  • Transport
  • Hotels and gastronomy
  • Education and health service
  • Roads and car parks


Projects completed:

Our biggest investment has been the delivery of 11 regulators for the investment: Execution of construction works on the section Kraków Mydlniki – Kraków Główny (tasks 14 and 15) as part of the task “Modernisation of railway line E30, stage II, section Zabrze – Katowice – Kraków“ (Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme; POIiŚ 7.1-11.1).