Inventory, GIS, rainwater fees

We help to face the challenges of modern infrastructure management of open sewage systems (ditches, watercourses) and closed sewage systems (ducts and channels). Our services often start with a system inventory and entering data into the GIS spatial information database, for example using the GIShub application. In many places, the lack of information about the network, land cover, sealing, and location of facilities is a basic barrier, resulting in ineffectiveness in addressing problems with rainwater, both in combined and stormwater drainage systems, or increased costs and organizational difficulties. It is important that the knowledge of the operating staff about the system is easily accessible to various departments in the organization and allows them to make the right investment or maintenance decisions.


Thanks to our experience in designing and hydrodynamic modelling, as well as cooperation with infrastructure managers, our approach to inventory (passporting) is rational and practical. We offer a service tailored to your needs, optimized. We focus on long-term cooperation, thanks to which infrastructure managers gain real benefits.


We help in the fee entry process by preparing simulations in the financial model or implementing GIShub software in the fees module.


Thanks to our audits of fees for discharging rainwater to city waters, they achieve real benefits resulting from their correct and optimal calculation and payment to Polish Waters. It is worth noting that the Water Law does not specify the method of calculating the variable fee, and its correct calculation is the payer’s responsibility.


Contact us and find out how to achieve specific financial benefits by fulfilling the obligation to pay or by preparing water law reports. A good operation means specific savings and risk reduction.