Hydrodynamic model

The hydrodynamic model describes the runoff of effluent in a rainwater drainage and general water drainage system in open and closed channels, with gravitational or pressure flow, taking account of the variability of rainwater runoff over time and an indeterminate flowrate of effluent in channels and drainage facilities. Simulations can be performed for both planned and existing systems.



  • Managing the system
  • Identifying overloaded elements of the system
  • Possibility to relieve the system
  • Possibility to perform system simulations for various rainfall intensities
  • Identifying areas prone to drainage system overflow
  • Analysing reserve capacities of individual channels
  • Determining the volume of rainwater runoff, which is necessary to calculate the rate for rainwater.



  • Towns, cities and municipalities
  • Industry (economic areas – construction of reservoirs)


Projects completed:

Development of a model for the town of Reda