The GIShub application allows you to: 

  • Maintaining GIS databases of water and sewage and rainwater networks and databases sealed surfaces
  • Automatic charge value calculation of fees to Polish Waters.
  • Settlements with Polish Waters and residents, based on a consistent base real estate data
  • Inventory of networks and facilities (in a geographically oriented system) and inventorying of assets
  • Modern management and support for ongoing operation

The GIShub application is available in two modules: Payment and Operation.


allows you to:

  • settlements with Polish Waters (for a fixed and variable fee) according to the provisions of the Water Law (Act of 20 July 2017 – Journal of Laws of 2018, item 2268 as amended – Article 274 point 5),
  • settlement of exploitation fees with users introducing rainwater and snowmelt into the rainwater or combined sewage system,
  • calculation of fees for the reduction of natural field retention according to the provisions of the Water Law (Act of 20 July 2017 – Journal of Laws of 2018, item 2268 as amended – Article 274)
  • consistent records of plots, buildings and sealed areas
  • catchment map view and plots with possibility current update
  • automatic billing and generation corespodence
  • creating individual reports and analyses


allows for:

  • network inventory in the form of points (e.g. well, separator), lines (e.g. pipe, channel), surface (e.g. real estate, reservoir, catchment area),
  • parameterization of objects – generating reports on the number and types of devices, catchments, real estate,
  • automatic reminders about the necessity of operating activities, e.g. cleaning of settling tanks and separators, warranty inspection of the pumping station, renewal of the water permit, charging fees,
  • creating individual reports and analyses
  • interactive support of field teams through mobile devices
  • integration with other systems

GIShub benefits:

  • a uniform database of the catchment area and drainage system: networks, facilities (Operation Module);
  • spatially oriented database;
  • and intuitive operation;
  • determining and entering data according to the adopted methodology for calculating fees;
  • individual adaptation of the application to the customer’s needs (Operation Module);
  • preparation of personalized reports;
  • the possibility of expanding the application with new modules.

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