What is PANDa application?


We know everything about rain

Polish Atlas of Rains Intensities (PANDa) is a digital platform that contains information about rainfall intensities in all 930 cities in Poland. 

Professional management of dewatering systems in cities needs current, objective and reliable rainfall data. That is why we have created a complete map of rainfall in Poland containing accurate data from the past 30 years.


PANDa suits the needs of cities, companies and designers in water and sewage industry.

Valid rainfall data from the past three decades, taken by 100 rain gauges which meet the Polish measurement standards, in the basis for PANDa platform. Having precise and actual readings enables correct prediction of future risks occurring in a given area and helps to plan preventive actions.

PANDa platform is also a necessary tool for the modern designing of rainwater management, available 24/7.


Use cutting-edge methods in 21st century

Analysing historic rainfall data in important when:

  • managing stormwater in the city or a commune,
  • designing dewatering systems,
  • forecasting floods and other hydrological hazards.

Data is the basis for the preparation of technical solutions and that is why it is important to use readings from a reliable source of information.

PANDa offers precise, objective and indisputable data. Therefore, it has an advantage over old methods of measurement (Błaszczyk formula written over 100 years ago that used data from over 180 years!), which do not reflect current design rainfall intensities and have a tendency to understate the result of the calculations.

Compiling PANDa tools with Błaszczyk method shows the evident advantage of the former. Błaszczyk formula uses only 1 rain gauge and includes precipitation time up to 180 min. The digital PANDa model, however, uses 100 rain gauges and monitors precipitation even up to 4320 min, thus creating glocalisation effect. Using Błaszczyk formula we have to accept a certain risk since it uses historic data from unknown sources. PANDa system uses current data from the past 30 years taken by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – the National Research Institute.



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