Flow regulation

We deliver water flow-regulating equipment and provide assistance in selecting proper equipment


The negative effects of more and more frequent torrential rainfall necessitate the use of retention methods and flow regulation, which is why flow regulators play an increasingly important role in water and wastewater management. Their main function is to ensure a constant value of the liquid outflow rate depending on the current value of the height of the liquid column in front of the device, as well as to stabilize the flows upstream and downstream of the devices, the effectiveness of which depends on the flow rate (sewage pumping stations, pre-treatment devices).


Flow regulators are used in:

  • overflows and storm chambers
  • rainwater retention reservoirs
  • damming structures
  • stormwater sewage networks



The use of flow regulators allows to minimize threats such as floods or sewer flooding. In addition, it allows the use of pumps with lower operating parameters and protects the pretreatment devices against hydraulic overload, resulting in deterioration of the quality of sewage at the outflow.



The main advantages of RETENCJAPL regulators are:

  • reliability and long service life – maintenance is kept to a minimum
  • device with high resistance to corrosion – made of stainless steel type 1.4301 or 1.4404
  • minimum operating costs – no power supply, self-cleaning regulator
  • failure-free – no moving parts
  • possibility of working in polluted sewage – free flow of small solid pollutants

Each of our regulators is individually selected and designed for a specific investment task.


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