Who are we?

Water is one of the most valuable raw materials.

We believe that no one can afford to squander her today.


Who we are?

We work together because water is a value to us. Water is the basis for the development of society, and wise management of it, the basis for the development and unleashing of the potential of cities. Water knows no boundaries, and we firmly believe that our and our children’s future depends on our ability to respect its value. For us it is work, passion and hobby.


In the era of climate threats, we want to restore water to people, support its wise management, protect the natural environment and avoid wasting its resources.


In the practice of design and consulting, we use knowledge and scientific achievements, and thanks to a pragmatic engineering approach, we are effective. We create easy to use digital rainwater management tools.


We are raising the level of services on the market. Our strength is openness and willingness to share knowledge and experience, and the working method – connecting partners and cooperation in pursuit of the goal for which it is worth devoting time and effort. Water is our job and passion. Water is a value to us.


Our mission

For us, water is a value around which we want to integrate environments.


Our vision

A leading consultant in digital rainwater management.


We support our clients against the challenges of rainwater. We help those who, like us, recognize water as a value, implement good practices in rainwater design and management, combining modern knowledge, services and IT solutions.