Who are we?

Water is one of the most valuable resources.
We believe that today nobody can afford to waste it.


Who are we?

That is why we founded RETENCJAPL; a group of experts that specialises in rainwater and snowmelt management. We are practitioners: we have collected years’ worth of experience in water management industry and environmental protection. We also have significant achievements in research: we actively facilitate a scientific debate in our field.


Who do we work for?

Water management authorities are among our clients: we cooperate with local authorities from small communes and medium size counties to the largest cities in Poland. We support commercial sector in Poland with our knowledge and counseling; we have performed jobs in large format facilities (shopping centres, car parks, hotels, industrial facilities) as well as medium and small size ones.


What do we do?

Every day we take up challenges connected with new or already existing investments using the latest knowledge and technology, we prepare technical expertise of stormwater drainage systems, determine the required volume of retention basins, prepare complex strategies of rainwater and snowmelt management.


How do we do it?

We provide counsel on water management process such as preparing complex stormwater management strategies for the whole cities and communes, preparing analytical documentation and strategic reports and giving technical recommendations for ongoing investment projects.

We do our best to help our Clients overcome issues connected with rainwater and snowmelt retention and management from assessment stage to professional execution.


Our mission

We provide complex solutions for rainwater ensuring the highest standards.


Our vision

We are the authority on rainwater and snowmelt management which provides value for our Stakeholders owing to the apt use of both human resources and equipment.