Delivery and installation of rainfall measurement system in Krakow

Project description:

The project was implemented on the occasion of the execution of the Metering System for the Sanitary and General Sewerage Network for Krakow (a project carried out by TECHNITEL Poland SA), which, in conjunction with an extensive system for monitoring weather conditions, will be used to calibrate and continuously verify the correct functioning of the hydraulic model of the sewerage network of the city of Krakow. At present, it is the largest rainfall measurement system in Poland using weighted rain gauges. 



  • 25 pieces of OTT Pluvio2L weighing rain gauges.
  • Measurement of total and intensity of precipitation was carried out using a weighing rain gauge with a fixed tank. Precipitation measurement was carried out in accordance with all WMO requirements and standard No.8 Guide to Meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observation, World Meteorological Organization – WMO, 2012.