Hydrodynamic model for Reda Town Hall

Project aim

The hydrodynamic model for the city of Reda was prepared as part of sewer network inventory, which aimed at protecting the city area from negative impacts of intensive precipitation.


Project description

Materials provided by Reda Town Hall were used for modelling purposes. The data was submitted as a DXF file alongside with rasters as TIFF files scaled to 1:500 and maps updated by a surveyor.



Solutions adopted

In order to prepare the hydrodynamic model, CivilStorm V8i softwere from Bentley company was used. This is an application dedicated to hydrodynamic modelling and performance of gravitational systems of stormwater drainage. In its functionality, the programme enables to determine effective precipitation, which is a reduced value of total precipitation (often referred to as gross precipitation) that can later be modelled into direct runoff from particular areas into watersheds.