Drainage concept for the Astra Park 2 estate in Gdańsk

Drainage concept with hydrological calculations, reservoir retention control guidelines based on rainfall measurement




  • The drainage system of the planned estate located on a sloping terrain, with other built-up areas around and a restrictive limit imposed on the volume of rainwater discharge from the property, required an in-depth consideration of possible variants of solutions for rainwater retention and drainage. In particular, we had to analyze possible scenarios for the occurrence of heavy rainfall and the operation of the drainage system under such harsh conditions, as well as the impact on the system below. 




  • The project made assumptions about rainfall parameters; the PANDa Atlas was used to determine rainfall intensities.
  • Using hydrodynamic modeling, the parameters of the designed equipment and infrastructure were selected, the impact on neighboring developments and the drainage system was analyzed, and the optimal retention volumes were verified.




  • In an exceptionally difficult location and with severe drainage restrictions by the network manager, a safe opportunity for the developer to implement the project was obtained.
  • Thanks to hydrodynamic modeling supported by reliable data from the PANDa Atlas, solutions with high safety and reliability were selected.
  • At the same time, an intelligent control system for reservoir retention based on rainfall measurement was proposed, which made it possible to optimally use the capacity of existing water-collection facilities without expanding them.


Works performed:

  • Analysis of land topography using GIS tools.
  • Verification of the adopted input data: the boundaries of the drainage basin, the load of authoritative and control precipitation in accordance with PN-EN 752:2017, the degree of sealing of the land.
  • Multivariate hydrodynamic modeling of the drainage system with parameter optimization.
  • Preparation of a detailed spatial concept for the drainage of the project.
  • Development of materials for agreement with the network manager.