Urban hydrology, precipitation model, measurements

Professional management of drainage systems in cities requires up-to-date, objective and indisputable precipitation data, available 24/7. Possession of good statistical data on historical precipitation enables the preparation of local precipitation hyetograms for specific places in Poland, taking into account the probability, intensity and duration of precipitation.


On the other hand, current precise and real measurements of rainfall from own rain gauges allow for optimization of payments to Polish Waters, control of the retention system based on rainfall and weather forecast, and make the assessment of future threats in a given area more realistic, facilitating the planning of preventive actions.


Local precipitation model


We prepare an up-to-date, local precipitation model (a model of authoritative rainfall intensity), which can be the basis for the proper design of rainwater drainage systems and be used to power hydrological and hydrodynamic models of the city drainage system. It is also indicated when applying for EU funding for investment projects.


The lifetime of the projects means that it is often recommended to develop a precipitation model that takes into account climate change in the perspective of, for example, 2050.


The basis for the local PANDa precipitation model is the current rainfall data from three decades, recorded with the use of 100 rain gauges that meet the measurement standards adopted in Poland. PANDa offers fully precise, objective and indisputable data. Thus, it gains an advantage over old measurement methods that do not reflect the actual intensity of authoritative rainfall and tend to underestimate the calculation results (e.g. the Błaszczyk formula developed over half a century ago, based on data dating back to the 19th century).




We plan the location of rain gauges, conduct measurement campaigns of precipitation and flows in watercourses and sewage networks. Thanks to us, system managers gain operational certainty and make rational decisions. We provide monitoring data in the proven and handy RainBrain application, which is already used by a number of cities in Poland.





  • Accurate engineering projects based on reliable data
  • Lowering costs by avoiding ineffective investments
  • Minimizing the problem of flooding and flooding in the city thanks to properly sized retention tanks
  • Increasing the chances of obtaining funding from external sources
  • Assistance in taking appropriate planning, organizational and engineering measures to compensate for natural retention lost as a result of progressing urbanization
  • A modern approach to rainwater management thanks to an electronic data access formula
  • Rational conduct in flood and inundation insurance