“Supporting the design of road dewatering systems using SUDA technology” training

Project aim:

On 16.09.2016 our company carried out a training session called “Supporting the design of road dewatering systems using SUDA technology”. The training was realised for Bydgoszcz City Hall.



The training included:

  • Discussing the elements used in the construction of road dewatering topology in Inroads suite,
  • Practical routing of road dewatering systems in Inroads suite using NMT and build-in libraries for the elements such as sewage chambers, pipes, road inlets etc. The creation and editing of the existing libraries for the elements of dewatering systems, import and export of the libraries between different projects,
  • The definition of design rainfall intensity for designing. The possibility of obtaining data on design rainfall intensity from the electronic platform at www.retencja.pl,
  • The principle of determining the range and connecting partial runoff watersheds. Defining a watershed’s parameters – runoff coefficients and surface runoff concentration time.
  • Hydraulic calculations using SUDA, following maximum and constant intensity methods. Piping diameter dimensioning, selecting petroleum-derivatives separators,
  • Automatic creation of systems profiles using information from NMT.
  • Generating reports of hydraulic calculations and bill of materials for the designed sewage system.